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Better Drinking Water Delivery Services

Water Delivery Vs. POU Water Coolers

Since the dawn of time, societies invented ways to supply quality drinking water.  They gathered and transported water with wagons or aqueducts.  Whether in an arid or industrialized area, sometimes pure water simply wasn’t available.  The drinking water industry built water delivery into their model.  It was an unquestionable benefit for everyone.

Today we have water coolers in our businesses and offices relying on traditional water delivery.  You contract with a drinking water company.  In return, they produce 5 gallon water jugs and deliver to your workplace.  This is what most Americans are used to, and usually there’s little thought about the drinking water alternatives.

The Other Model

In the last decade POU water coolers have been growing in popularity at an average of 15% per year.  POU is an acronym for Point-Of-Use (but these coolers are more popularly referred to as bottleless coolers, or bottle-free coolers).  These are water dispensers that don’t require the 5 gallon jugs.  Instead, they draw water from the source – your existing water supply.  These coolers are connected to your existing water lines, drawing tap water into the machines.  To take it further, better POU coolers then filter this water, removing impurities or bacteria that can change the taste of your tap water.  The end result is water that is as clean as bottled water, and probably even fresher without that stale plastic taste.

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A Few Benefits over bottled water coolers


  1. Cost In most cases, a water delivery contract will cost you more than going with a POU machine.  The bigger your company, the more water you need to order.  Though a jug water cooler doesn’t need to be installed, you do have to routinely pay for the water delivery.  When paying for these water jugs, you’re also contributing to the manufacturer’s cost of bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, and retailing.  This doesn’t even consider the environment cost, including plastic waste and delivery truck emissions.  With a POU machine, the installation is done up front, without the need to ever pay for bottles again.  Quench provides a rental service of these coolers where we provide the installation and filter changes at a lower cost than bottled water delivery.
  2. No Storage Needed When your drinking water company shows up for their routine delivery, you need to direct them to your storage facility or area.  For some this may not be an issue, but for others with smaller offices, this could be a burden.  With a POU machine, there are no bottles.  No bottle storage is needed.
  3. No Hassle Bottled water coolers have some burdens aside from cost and storage.  Ordering water can be an annoying or tricky task.  How much do you need to order?  What if you run out?  What if you forget to order the water?  With a POU cooler, these issues are absent.  What about greeting and coordinating with the delivery person?  You have work to do!
  4. Accidents With a bottled water cooler, an employee has to haul the 5 gallon out of storage and lift onto the cooler.  We’re willing to bet you know someone who has injured themselves with this weight, or spilled the jug while trying to load it.  It’s a risk a company doesn’t want to deal with.

Get more data about the benefits of a POU water cooler by downloading our whitepaper –  Cutting Costs While Increasing Sustainability and Wellness By Upgrading To Filtered Water Coolers.

At Quench, we built a business model around solving your drinking water pain points.  You’re running a company.  We can worry about your water.  With the benefits noted above, we think it’s a pretty easy decision to go with a POU company.

A better POU cooler will also provide filtration.  Not all POU companies and machines offer this.  At Quench, every one of our water coolers and ice makers offer state-of-the art filtration, including a 5-stage filter, RO filter, UV sanitization, and anti-microbial protection.  View our filtration infographic for a visual representation of our filtration.

Different locations require different levels of filtration.  At Quench, we’re water experts.  We know your water.  We have data on every United States location that allows us to install the right filtration as part of your water cooler rental agreement.

We Can Support Any Business Size

From the smallest one person office to the largest companies in the country, we can – and do – provide bottleless water services.  We support almost 40,000 customers, including these household names below.

We hope you’ll consider Quench when you’re ready to upgrade your water cooler.  Speak to a water expert through our website if you have questions.  We’re happy to help you enjoy cost savings, more convenience, and better tasting water.


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