Drinking Water Services

A drinking water delivery service will bring the water to your workplace.  It’s a service that’s been around for decades, and is useful for companies who need to keep their employees hydrated with drinking water.

However, we believe the model is ready to be updated.

Each business setting and scenario is different.  For example, in warehouses there is rarely enough free time to allocate to unloading, storing and replacing 5-gallon water jugs.  It’s a high paced work environment.  Therefore, equipping workplaces with traditional water coolers can waste valuable time and resources for a business. In order to remain productive, a company should always seek to eliminate various unrelated tasks that traditionally were performed by hard-working staff members.

970_non-dramaticInstead of assigning an employee to oversee the unloading (and management) of water jugs from the delivery team, a business can install point-of-use water coolers. This would also free up space in the workplace, as a business would not need to partition off space to store these jugs. Instead, the bottleless water coolers would purify the water it dispenses to users directly from the tap, filtered using ultraviolet light.

Learn more about Quench bottleless coolers here.

Conserve resources in the workplace

The convenience provided by point-of-use water dispensers can also affect productivity in the workplace. When employees can drink water that tastes better, there’s less need to leave the business campus for a convenient store run.  We’ve heard from companies who can confirm this great side benefit.

The experts at Quench can help businesses take advantage these new water cooler technologies, so water service deliveries and storage practices can be eliminated from the average day.