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Government is Thirsty Business

Government buildings are complicated places, with vast public spaces, private office areas, and lots of thirsty staff and visitors. Government agencies at all levels rely on Quench for its broad product selection, state-of-the-art purification technologies, in-depth knowledge of local water conditions, installation expertise and national service capability.

The Greener Solution that Lets
Taxpayers Keep More Green

Government agencies have to keep to tight budgets, meet sustainabilty goals, and stay ahead of “ban the bottle” movements. By switching to an Energy Star-rated Quench water cooler your office can lower its carbon footprint while saving taxpayers as much as 50% versus traditional water delivery.

Let Quench Cut Through the Red Tape

Quench has years of experience working with government agencies: school districts, post offices, regional railways, courthouses, police and fire stations, and the biggest federal agencies are served by Quench. We understand the complexities of procurement, RFP, and budgeting processes, and even offer dedicated customer service teams for multi-location offices.


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) cut water costs by 46%, eliminated $25,000 in workers compensation claims from water bottle-related accidents, and no longer has to have delivery people shower and “gown in” every week!

— National Cancer Institute, Frederick MD

Recommended Water Coolers

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Quench 970-15

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Quench 750

The Quench 750 is packed with features, including hot, cold, and ambient water…

Quench 800

The Quench 800 is a high-capacity filtered water cooler, serving an endless supply…