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Clean Water is Critical for Great Care

For hospitals, dental offices, doctor’s offices, and surgical centers, clean, great-tasting water is a necessity.  Quench filtered water coolers are “closed” systems so there’s no risk of bacterial contamination. We even offer a deionization unit for sterile water, and filtered ice dispensers featuring Chewblet® chewable ice – ideal for delivery and post-op patients.

Better Technology = Cleaner Water

Quench water coolers remove bacteria, parasites, and toxins using state-of-the-art purification technologies, including UV sanitization, 5-stage filtration and anti-microbial protection. And Quench offers NSF-55A and NSF-55B certified filters to meet health and sanitization standards.

The Greener Solution that
Lets You Keep More Green

How many sustainability initiatives actually save you money?  Quench filtered water coolers help your facility “go green” and still save 20% to 50% over the cost of traditional water delivery.


I want to thank the team at Quench for the quick, professional installation of our new water system. You and your installation team made the process very simple and timely from start to finish. I highly recommend your product as an alternative to water bottles!

— Bay Area Regional Medical Center

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