Water Coolers For

Higher Education

Water Where You Need It

Campuses are complicated places – lots of thirsty people, multiple buildings of varied sizes and purposes, and “ban-the-bottle” movements gathering steam. Only Quench has the product array to provide hydration stations around campus, high-capacity water and ice dispensers for dining halls, and filtered water coolers for offices and classroom buildings.

The Greener Solution that Lets You Keep More Green

How many sustainability initiatives actually save you money?  Switching to “bottleless” water coolers gives your campus a quick sustainability “win” while also cutting water costs by as much as 50% of traditional 5-gallon water jug delivery.

The Cleanest, Healthest Choice

Students and staff alike are looking for healthier beverage options. Quench filtered water is a delicious, calorie-free, caffeine-free alternative to sugary soft drinks, energy drinks, and even coffee and tea. Nothing hydrates as well as h2o!

Higher Education

Here’s What One Campus Thinks About Quench

The water system is up and running. Initial feedback is that students absolutely love the water. I do too. It’s cool and refreshing.

— Haitham Shtaieh, DDS Bridgewater College

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