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A more efficient business uses filtered water delivery systems

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Posted on February 26th, 2012 by

Business owners spend many hours finding ways to store necessary office supplies in their facilities. Beyond the printer, ink cartridges, pads of paper and folders, they have to worry about making room for the large jugs of water that are delivered regularly for their water coolers. These disposable plastic jugs take up space and are bad for the environment. Finding a way to eliminate jugs from the workplace may save a business money and help owners make room for more essential supplies.

The water experts at Quench can assist business owners in developing new hydration methods in their office buildings. Quench offers a diverse line of bottleless water coolers that tap directly into a building’s main water supply, filter out bacteria and germs and regulate water temperature. Installing these water dispensers in the workplace can help a company cut down its carbon footprint and expenses that were normally issued out to delivery services.

Many professionals may not realize how much they are overcharged for their bottled water. According to the Environmental Working Group, bottled water costs up to 1,900 times more than tap water. Instead of dishing out inordinate amounts of money on water, it may be worthwhile to make the transition to filtered water delivery systems from Quench.

A business may be able to make a positive impact on the environment and its wallet when it switches to a more efficient and cost-effective water system. The professionals from Quench will guide a business owner through the process, install the innovative coolers in the necessary places and educate the staff on how to operate the machines with ease. When it comes to improved business practices, finding ways to remove clutter in the workplace can help a company to succeed.