Countertop Water Coolers & Ice Makers

Quench is the leading provider of filtered water coolers for businesses across North America, serving over 50% of the Fortune 500.  Our state-of-the-art filtration technology, knowledge of local water conditions coast-to-coast, and broad line of water coolers and ice dispensers enable Quench to customize drinking water (and ice) solutions for small offices, busy hotels and restaurants, campuses, healthcare facilities, and large commercial operations.

Think Your Office Doesn’t Have Space for a Water Cooler?

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Quench offers a line of great-looking, compact countertop water coolers, so even if you can’t spare the floor space, you can still have an endless supply of clean, great-tasting filtered water!  All the features Quench offers in our free-standing coolers are available in a space-saving countertop model: cold and hot water, water and ice, even sparkling water. Quench countertop water coolers use advanced filtration, purification, and sanitization technologies that to ensure that your business has the cleanest, healthiest water possible, including:

Five-stage carbon filtration
Advanced filtration featuring Brita® filtration system
Ultraviolet sanitization
Reverse osmosis filtration
BioCote® anti-microbial protection
Stainless steel tanks
Food-grade tubing
Recessed spigots
Touch-free dispensing option

And Quench countertop water coolers and ice dispensers come in a variety of sizes, perfect for a small office kitchenette serving just a few users or a high-capacity, machine producing up to 400 pounds of ice daily for several hundred people.

Quench countertop ice dispensers feature Chewblet® ice nuggets, which are a popular, long-lasting choice to cool-down beverages and are ideal for post-op hydration in hospitals and healthcare centers.

Quench is the Greener Solution That Lets You Keep More Green

Quench filtered water coolers are one of the few environmentally-friendly alternatives that also saves money.  Traditional water delivery in 5-gallon plastic jugs is wasteful, in terms of money and resources.  The manufacturing of plastic jugs, bottling process, and water delivery burns millions of hours of power and gallons of fossil fuel.  And your business pays for it!

Replacing just one traditional 5-gallon jug cooler is the greenhouse gas equivalent of planting up to 120 trees each year, and prevents up to 300 plastic water bottles from entering landfills.

A compact, bottleless countertop water cooler from Quench may take up a tiny amount of space, but your company will see big savings versus traditional water delivery.  Quench customers typically save 20% to 50% over their previous water costs.  Use Quench’s cost calculator to estimate your savings.

Check out the full line of Quench filtered water coolers and ice dispensers or call today to consult with a Quench Water Expert at 888-877-0561.  We’ll give you a free quote to show you how much your business can save in terms of space and money!