Customer Testimonials

Quench has focused exclusively on providing quality bottleless office water coolers and ice dispensers for over 20 years. Our commitment to doing one thing well has made us the drinking water experts trusted by 40,000 customers, including the customers below.

Big Ass Fans

The employees at Big Ass Fans were drinking close to fifty 5-gallon plastic jugs per week in some of their buildings! Big Ass Fans turned to Quench for a more cost-effective, greener drinking water solution. They now have a endless supply of cold, filtered water and they are saving upwards of $1,000 a month!

Van Etten Furniture By Design

Cold and clean water is essential for the furniture making industry. Van Etten Furniture By Design turned to Quench when they needed a water cooler system that allowed them to provide cold, filtered water to the woodworkers in the shop as well as the customers who come to browse.

Kind Healthy Snacks

The number one goal at Kind Healthy Snacks is to be sustainable. By switching to Quench filtered drinking water coolers, they were able to go that “extra step” to be more environmentally-friendly.


Feder’s Acura

Feder’s Acura was searching for an easier and more convenient solution for providing water to their employees and customers. By switching to Quench, Office Manager Susan Ulbrich no longer has to worry about plastic water bottles, having enough bottles on hand, or who will be able to change the bottles.

NYC Office Suites

Because NYC Office Suites rents office space to organizations on both short- and long-term basis, it was difficult to determine how much water they would need to order each month. They turned to Quench to provide an endless supply of clean, filtered, and fresh water no matter who was renting the space.