Cut Water Costs

Let Quench Improve Your Bottom Line

  • One low monthly fee
  • An endless supply of great-tasting water
  • No more expensive, wasteful bottled water delivery

Cut Water Costs with a Quench Bottleless Water Cooler

Let Quench Improve Your Bottom Line

  • One low monthly rental fee
  • An endless supply of great-tasting, fresh water
  • No more expensive bottled water delivery

Enjoy Better Water and Clear Savings with Quench!

Quench customers can save as much as 50% versus bottled water delivery costs. With Quench, you’ll pay just pennies per day for an unlimited supply of fresh, clean water. That’s because Quench water filtration systems purify your building’s tap water on-site – like a miniature water purification plant for your office! You’ll pay one low monthly rental fee for your bottleless water cooler, and eliminate expensive and wasteful bottled water delivery. Quench can help your business save “green” while at the same time helping you “go green” with a more efficient and eco-friendly drinking water solution.

Check out exactly how much your business can save with our Savings Calculator:

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  • Cost per bottle
  • Number of water coolers in your business

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One of Quench’s 40,000 Happy Customers Has This to Say:

“I changed over to water coolers from Quench over two years ago. It has helped me save over $3,000 per year in the cost of clean water in our plant, along with reductions in our employees lifting heavy bottled water, and opening up storage areas previously utilized by water bottle storage. Plus we never run out of clean drinking water… I think Quench and their water coolers have improved the working environment of our location.”

– Site Operations Manager, Johnson Controls