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Quench Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Room Temperature

Quench offers three standard R/O filtration systems of varying capacities: the Quench 74, the Quench 76, and the Quench 78. All three systems include a sediment filter, carbon block filter, semi-permeable R/O membrane, a post filter, and a R/O water storage tank. Each system:

  • Removes particles above 1/500,000th of an inch (0.05 microns)
  • Eliminates organic molecules that can impart off-taste and odors; and
  • Is available with a 8.5″ gooseneck spigot (optional) for easy access and container filling.
Quench 74 Quench 76 Quench 78
Sediment pre-filter (µ) 5 5 5
Carbon block pre-filter (µ) 10 10 10
Semi-permeable R/O membrane (GPD) 50 100 150
R/O tank (storage size in gallons) 3 6* 10
* 2 three-gallon storage tanks
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