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Quench TFS450

Blended R/O Water Filtration System

Room Temperature

The Quench TFS450 is a Blended Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System that produces Recipe Quality Water™, perfect for hot beverages and steamers while maintaining efficient equipment operation in water conditions with high TDS levels. The Quench TFS450’s unique design allows for filtered water to be blended with R/O water for adjustment of water quality and production volumes.

  • Daily production capacity of 300 gallons per day as pure as R/O system and 600 gallons per day as blended R/O system
  • A hydraulic (non-electrical) bypass valve that keeps running during high demand periods, even during power outages
  • Built-in pressure gauge and in-line TDS meter for monitoring
  • Adjustable metering valve for easy adjustment of proportion of filtered water to R/O water
  • Pre- and Post-membrane carbon and sediment filters to ensure the highest quality water
  • Optional 8.5″ gooseneck spigot for easy access and container filling


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