Quench understands that for the best filtered water, only the best water purification technology will do. We offer a full complement of purification technologies in order to remove sediment, reduce lead and other chemical contaminants, eliminate bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and get rid of off-tastes and odors. With Quench, you’ll have the cleanest, best-tasting water available, delivered fresh to your glass!

  • Advanced carbon filtration – reduces chemical and microbial contaminants, removes sediment, and off-tastes and odors; Quench also now offers a carbon filter that reduces 99.9% of lead!
  • Ultraviolet sanitization – destroys micro-organisms, including cryptosporidium and giardia, and prevents the growth of biofilm.
  • Reverse osmosis filtration – eliminates dissolved solids and provides the highest level of purification, including reduction of 99% of lead.
  • Anti-microbial protection – silver ion technology provides continuous, built-in antimicrobial protecction on the surfaces of the equipment.
  • Food-grade tubing – odorless, tasteless, BPA-free, and resistant to deterioration from UV sanitization.
  • Stainless steel tanks – retards the growth of micro-organisms and biofilm.

Filtration Advantages - Cleaner

If the water from our Quench machine were any better I would think we had a natural spring in the office . . .the water quality is second to none!”

— Kevin Fox, Capstone Insurance Group

Quench Advanced Carbon Filtration

If you’re like most people, you probably have no idea what chemicals, micro-organisms, or other toxins are in your drinking water. Municipal water systems that provide tap water to most businesses in the U.S. are required to regularly test and report data on the quality of their water. Curious to know what’s in your water? Use our simple Water Quality Report tool to download the latest information for your local water source. Bear in mind that even the cleanest tap water still has to travel through miles and miles of water infrastructure outside and inside your workplace building before it gets to your glass. Most plumbing systems installed before 1986 were constructed using lead pipes or leaded solder. When water sits in these pipes, even for a couple hours, lead can leach into the sitting drinking water. Lead can also enter the water through corrosion of old water pipes, fixtures, or solders.

Traditional 5-gallon water coolers aren’t necessarily a cleaner or healthier drinking water alternative, either. Bottled water coolers are open systems, meaning that the water can come in contact with airborne germs, dust and dirt each time the bottle is changed. The reservoir at the bottom of a traditional bottled water cooler can be a breeding ground for “biofilm,” a build-up of potentially harmful micro-organisms that can migrate into the water bottle.

For a more in-depth explanation of Quench’s advanced water purification technology, download our Information Sheets:

Note: Certified NSF 42 and 53 (lead). Click here for more information. Assumes normal usage, regular preventive maintenance and filter changes.