Quench filtered water coolers and ice machines are a more convenient alternative to traditional water delivery services – you’ll save time and avoid hassles, too.

  • No need to order, estimate your office’s water consumption, or manage water deliveries;
  • No wasting valuable office real estate to store bulky 5-gallon water jugs (or the empties);
  • No more cajoling your staffers to replace the bottle, no complaints (or risk of Workman’s Comp claims) over hoisting 42-pound jugs;
  • No worries about running out of water on the hottest day of the year – or making bagged ice runs!

Quench offers a new take on delivering office water: our water filtration systems purify your building’s water, providing you with a virtually endless supply of clean, great-tasting drinking water. You’ll never need to worry about running out, storing bottles, or heavy lifting again!

Quench rents our filtered water coolers and ice dispensers, so one low monthly fee covers all the water your office can drink, plus all preventive maintenance and service calls, no extra charge. You won’t have to call to schedule your Quench machine’s regular check-up – we’ll come automatically! Quench even offers easy online billing, as well as credit card and ACH payment options, to reduce your paperwork.

Spend a few minutes speaking with a Quench Water Expert today and discover a hassle-free office water solution. Fill out the form at the right or call now for a no-obligation quote.

Filtration Advantages - Convenient


The price of our Quench water cooler has never gone up, the water always tastes good, and I do not have to remember to call for a yearly maintenance request. You guys always remember.

— Beth Robba, Imex Management