Less Expensive

There’s a staggering markup associated with water delivery. You pay a premium for the very inefficient process of manufacturing plastic jugs, filling them in bottling plants, and then distributing them. You pay for the trucks, drivers and fuel that deliver the bottled water too. Quench filtered water coolers eliminate bottled water delivery costs. With Quench, you’ll pay just pennies per day for an unlimited supply of fresh, clean water. Typically, our customers save 20% to 50%.  And service is included at no additional charge!

Use our cost calculator to see how much you can save. Or better yet, speak with one of our water experts. Your Accounting Department will thank you!

Quench customers save money

A few words from our clients

Effortless service for a good price.”

— Janeen Sarro, Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP