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Cast Iron Pipes Older than the United States

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In 1737, the first Richmond settlers drilled wells along the James River to supply water to individual houses. Like in many early American cities, residents of Richmond also dumped waste water back into the James River. As the city’s population grew, the river became overwhelmed with waste and the water wells began to produce contaminated water. In 1830, Richmond became the first U.S. city to utilize a sand filter system to purify its water.Water was pumped from the James River and up 160 feet to the Marshall Reservoir. There it slowly filtered through a layer of sand, and then distributed throughout the city via a network of cast iron pipes. To keep up with the growing water demand, city planners build a couple more reservoirs, including the “New Reservoir” and the Williams Dam.

While Richmond was the first U.S. to filter their drinking water, the process did not produce uncontaminated drinking water, even when the city began chlorinating the water in 1917. A report at the time went so far as to say that Richmond’s “present water supply is unsafe.” This report prompted an upgrade of the whole system, including construction of a new water treatment plant on the banks of the James River. The upgraded system was completed in 1924 and continues to provide water to residents of Richmond and the surrounding area.

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Today Richmond’s water system delivers up to 132 million gallons per day to residents in Richmond and Henrico County. However, many Richmond residents complain that their water is cloudy or has a bad taste or smell. Older cast iron pipes, like the ones used in Richmond, are prone to corrosion and biofilm contamination from chemical reactions. These reactions create clusters of pipe deterioration and bacteria along the inside of the pipe, resulting in a “rotten egg” taste and smell. To combat the corrosion and biofilm contamination that has become synonymous with older cast iron pipes, many municipal water departments add high levels of chlorine, which has its own taste and smell issues.

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A Better Drinking Water Solution for Richmond

Quench offers the full complement of filtration and purification technologies to remove chemical contaminants, bacteria, and other micro-organisms, odors, and off-tastes from tap water. That's how we can guarantee that a Quench office water cooler produces the cleanest water available, removing any worry about what your office's drinking water might have picked up on its journey to your glass.

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  • Cut Water Costs Quench customers can save up to 50% versus bottled water delivery. With one low monthly rental fee, you will enjoy an endless supply of great-tasting, fresh water. The more you drink, the more you’ll save!
  • Drink Cleaner Water Some of the technologies that Quench water cooler machines use include advanced carbon filtration, ultraviolet sanitization, reverse osmosis to remove chlorine, organic and inorganic particles, and micro-organisms, including cryptosporidium and giardia.
  • Protect the Environment Reduce your Richmond area business’s environmental footprint: stop adding plastic jugs to landfills and relying on gas-guzzling delivery trucks by switching to Quench!