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Cutting Costs While Increasing Sustainability and Wellness by Upgrading to Filtered Water Coolers

Understand the reasons behind the growing trend of organizations switching from bottled to filtered water coolers. Learn more about the point-of-use water cooler industry, cost savings, sustainability benefits, and more.


Customer Testimonials

Big Ass Fans has a green drinking water solution with an endless supply of cold, filtered water.

Van Etten Furniture By Design provides filtered water for both employees and browsing customers.

Kind Healthy Snacks dispenses filtered water for their employees in an environmentally-friendly way.

Feder’s Acura no longer has to worry about ordering, storing, or changing plastic water bottles.

NYC Office Suites doesn’t guess how much water to order; they have filtered water on demand.



Dirty Water: Do You Know What’s Lurking in Your Office Water Cooler?

Energizing America: Coffee Brewing Innovations over the Course of U.S. History

Think Beyond the Bottle



Don’t worry if you missed a Quench Webinar! Click on the link below for an archived version.

Draining Your Budget: The Real Cost of Delivered Drinking Water.


Quench Water Articles

What You Get with a Quench Water Dispenser

Water Delivery vs. POU Water Coolers

Point of Use vs. 5 Gallon Water Coolers

How We Install a Bottleless Water Cooler


Read More About the Commercial Drinking Water Industry

The Atlantic Magazine recently published a series of videos for their “Economics in Plain English” series. The first video, “Why is bottled water so expensive?” explores the expenses of bottled water.

In her article, “Water Coolers: What Defines Quality?” Emily Refermat compares point-of-use and traditional water coolers.

Jeff Berndt investigates the costs and savings of switching to a filtered water cooler in his article, “The True Cost of Bottled Water”