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Saguaro National Park to ban plastic bottles on site

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Posted on March 26th, 2012 by

Recently, Saguaro National Park banned the sale of disposable bottled water and soda in vending machines on the premises, The Tucson Citizen reports. The park system joins a growing list of national preserves and universities making it a point to eliminate the sale of plastic bottles on site.

Saguaro National Park

In an official press release, Saguaro cited in-house analysis of the potential impact of eliminating bottled water, soda and jug water coolers on site, and determined it more sustainable to provide bottleless water coolers for visitors to refill their own containers.

The park system installed innovative water dispensers at each visitor center as well as the Rincon Mountain District bike ramada. Officials also began selling BPA-free, reusable water bottles at each visitor center for as little as $1.99, the source reports.

With limited amounts of plastic water bottles recycled annually, consumers are interested in ways they can impact the environment and remain hydrated throughout the day. Park systems have to be careful when eliminating the sale of plastic bottles on site because many guests may require liquids to remain healthy while hiking the many trails. Encouraging the use of reusable containers may be the obvious solution, and with local businesses selling these products for low premiums, people can remain hydrated at the Saguaro National Park.

Public preserves that garner visitors throughout the year may want to consider how banning the sale of disposable plastics can impact the planet. The water experts at Quench can help these public parks appreciate sustainable practices, without risking the safety of guests. Quench can install water coolers on site that tap directly into a building’s main water supply, filter out bacteria and germs and regulate water temperature.

Park officials who want to see how many resources can be saved by banning the bottle may want to consult with Quench today.