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The Quench Weekly Water Top 10 – July 15

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Posted on July 15th, 2011 by

The Quench Weekly Water Top 10 recaps the week’s top stories on drinking water issues. Come back each week for the latest news!

  • New Report Raises Questions About EPA’s 2008 Perchlorate Descision – A report released Tuesday from the U.S. Government Accountability Office concludes that the EPA was not true to its “customary scientific analysis” when ruling on the effects of perchlorate, a toxin that can be found in drinking water.
  • Oregon Says Drinking Water Has No Radioactive Materials – Despite claims from a Washington state environmental group, State of Oregon health officials say the Northwest drinking water is clear of radioactive materials following Japan’s nuclear accident.
  • Teflon In Drinking Water An Influencer Of Arthritis? – A new study from the School of Medicine in West Virginia claims that people with the highest blood levels of perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) were up to 40 percent more likely to develop arthritis than people with lower instances.
  • Debate On Continuing With Coquina Coast Project – This project, to turn salt water into viable drinking water, is being debated in Florida due to cost and benefit concerns.
  • [Video] Louisville Pipe Break Caught On Video – On July 11 a 48-inch pipe broke, causing flooding and a drop in water pressure, leading to possible drinking water contamination.  Crews restored pressure but couldn’t figure out why the 80- year-old pipe broke.
  • Missouri And Montana Senators Hope To Find Common Ground On Missouri River Issue – They’ve feuded over the issue for years, but senators from Missouri to Montana hope to find common ground in the first meeting this week aimed at forcing the Army Corps of Engineers to change how it manages the Missouri River.
  • 10 Years After An EPA Arsenic Action, 1,000 Water Systems Are Non-Compliant – A decade after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency took aggressive action to limit arsenic in American drinking water, the agency, in its latest assessment published in January, reports that nearly 1,000 water systems serving 1.1 million people are still not in compliance.
  • More Details On Space-Ready Forward Osmosis System – Already tested by soldiers and relief workers, NASA has more details of the space-ready forward osmosis system that will be used by astronauts to create drinkable, sugary and flavored energy drinks from their bodies’ own waste fluids.
  • West Texas is facing an issue with its smelly water – The water is treated and safe to drink, but in the summer, when the water gets warm and algae blooms, the water treatment leaves behind a musty odor.
  • Pacific University Bans The Bottle – Thanks to the efforts of two Pacific alumni and the university dining services, as of August 1, bottled water will no longer be available on campus.  Brells and Nielson teamed up with Take Back the Tap, a national movement trying to help college campuses and businesses bid farewell to the bottled water industry.
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