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The Quench Weekly Water Top 10 – June 3

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Posted on June 3rd, 2011 by

The Quench Weekly Water Top 10 recaps the week’s top stories on drinking water issues. Come back each week for the latest news!

  • Open Hydrants Cause Water Problems In Camden, NJ – Camden residents are trying to beat the heat by illegally opening fire hydrants.  The resulting low water pressure has turned the drinking water brown for some residents, leading to wasteful spending in expensive bottled water.
  • Sporting Event Eschews Bottled Water For Hydration Stations – The Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO will not sell bottled water but will instead provide hydration stations for spectators. Additionally, eventgoers can bring tap water from home for testing.
  • Researchers: More Water On Moon Than Previously Thought – A Brown University study of lunar melt inclusions has found that some parts of the moon’s mantle have as much water as the Earth’s upper mantle. The amount of water is up to 100 times more than previously suspected.
  • Washington DC Eateries Refill Reusable Water BottlesTapIt and the DC Water & Sewer Authority have signed up 60 businesses for their initiative to promote clean tap water. The eateries will refill the reusable bottles of customers and window shoppers alike to cut down on wasteful plastic bottled water.
  • Water Issues Rise In Montana — Flood water levels might be dropping in Roundup, MT, but health hazards are rising.  The region has been given a boil order to filter contaminants from the drinking water.  Health officials recommend tetanus shots for those who come in prolonged contact with flood waters.
  • Former World Leaders Create Panel For Water Crisis — 20 former heads of state, including former President Bill Clinton, created a panel for addressing the impending water crisis. This group will produce recommendations for better water management and push water issues into the forefront of global concerns.
  • TV Set Bans Bottled Water, Providing Refillable Bottles – The new series “Love Bites” used an eco-friendly, asking actors and crew members to refill reusable bottles instead of providing bottled water. Lead actress Constance Zimmer has similarly banished bottled water from her kitchen at home.
  • Gushing Water Raises Concerns In Tampa Bay – A water leak located near an old phosphate plant has local residents worried about contaminants in Tampa Bay. Testing has yet to be complete on the water leak, and repairs will take 10-15 days to complete.
  • Water Shortage Predicted For Kane County – Long-term projections for Kane County, the third-fastest growing county in northern Illinois, reveal a critical water shortage in a few decades. Alternative water sources and conservation will need to be explored to change the trend.
  • Drinking Water Deemed Unsafe In Somerset, MA – After a local landscaping company leaked chemicals into the local water supply, town officials warned that the drinking water was unsafe to drink. The contractor used a fire hydrant to fill its truck, resulting in the toxic infiltration.
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