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The Weekly Water Top Ten – December 12

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Posted on December 9th, 2011 by

The Quench Weekly Water Top 10 recaps the week’s top stories on drinking water issues. Come back each week for the latest news!

  • New Technique To Clip Arsenic Intake – Scientists from the University of Arizona are exploring toenail clippings as a new, less invasive way to study how our bodies store and process Arsenic, which can leech into drinking water supplies.


  • Coal-Fire Power Plant Attains the Unattainable – Constellation Energy Group’s Brandon Shores plant, responsible for spewing the most hazardous materials than any other plant in America, successfully cut its pollution by a whopping ninety percent in just two years, proving that such an intensive overhaul is indeed possible with a small timeframe.


  • EPA Releases First Report Showing Fracking Pollutes Groundwater – In a new development regarding the fracking issue, the EPA released a report finding that fracking pollutes groundwater. Kind of a big deal considering this is the first time the EPA has found a connection between the two.


  • As Flood Waters Recede, New Problems Arise – Plattsmouth residents, in the middle of paying for an EPA-required $2.5 million sewage separation project, just learned they will have to make repairs to an old clay pipe that burst during a recent flood and has been dumping raw sewage into the Missouri River ever since.


  • McKendree U Students Air Dirty Laundry – As part of a senior honors service project, students collected just shy of forty punds of garbage from the nearby Carlyle Lake, one of the area’s sources of drinking water. They then put the trash up on display to create an object that would make people think twice about throwing their garbage in the lake. Among the items found were bottles, fishing gear, batteries, a door and dirty underwear.


  • Skating on Thin Ice – Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources says that more than ninety-nine percent of the almost three thousand public drinking water systems are just fine, but there were almost two dozen of them that had more than three major monitoring violations in the last year. The DNR says it will take enforcement actions.


  • Prestigious Awards Given by the EPA – The Augusta County Service Authority will be the proud recipient of the EPA’s two awards; one recognizing the agency’s commitment to protect drinking water and one for effective financial management.


  • Kingsfield Wins Best Water in Maine – Keep up the great work over there!


  • Residents Exposed to Contaminants Show Improvement – East metro residents who have been exposed to contaminated drinking water since 2002 were tested by the state’s health department. It was found that the levels of PFC chemicals in their blood are finally lowering.


  • New Drinking Water Plant Project Given OK – Seven million dollars in funding was recently acquired for a new water plant in Washington. The project, recently given a green-light, is expected to total $27 million.

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