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The Weekly Water Top Ten – May 11

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Posted on May 11th, 2012 by

The Quench Weekly Water Top 10 recaps the week’s top stories on drinking water issues. Come back each week for the latest news!

  • Celebrate Drinking Water Week by Drinking More Water! – Here’s eight ways how in pictures.


  • S.S. Badger Starts its Newest -Maybe Last- Season – The coal-burning ferry has until December 15 to refit itself to meet EPA standards.


  • “Genuine” NYC Bagels – This time the vendor who claims to duplicate the famous city’s famous water to make bagels is in Maryland.


  • Boeing Pays for Dirty Water – The company was just ordered to pay the city of Santa Monica $39.5 million for water cleanup.


  • How Much Water is There in the World? – Extensive info on just how much water and where in the world it is.


  • Everglades Water Quality to Improve – A settlement has been reached to expand the restoration of the Everglades…at the price tag of $890 million.


  • One-third of Chambersburg Wells Contaminated – According to this new data from Penn State Extension data.


  • 5 Ways to Stay Hydrated for Finals and Other Tests – Hint: these tips work for almost any stressful activity where focus is needed.


  • Vermont May Be the First State to Ban Fracking – The measure was finished and passed to Gov. Peter Shumlin for his signature and is expected to pass soon.


  • The American Water Works Association Celebrates Drinking Water Week


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