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Water coolers are essential for office breakrooms

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Posted on June 19th, 2012 by

While professionals often speak to one another throughout the day using email, mobile messaging and various social networking sites, it remains essential for good employee morale to have a superior breakroom in the workplace. Business owners should make it a priority to provide adequate space and amenities to their valued employees as a way to give them space to unwind and relax before they get back into the game and tackle whatever tasks remain at hand.

There are a few necessary components to an enjoyable breakroom, and taking the time to equip this professional space with affordable resources may prove to make the overall corporate culture an energetic and enthusiastic environment.

Each breakroom needs an adequate amount of seating for employees – this can be where professionals eat their lunches, converse throughout the day and meet when the end of the day rolls around. In addition to seating, utilities like a refrigerator, vending machine, microwave and coffee maker are all paramount to an enjoyable space. However, arguably the most important pieces of equipment in any breakroom are the water coolers.

When an employee space features top-notch water dispensers, professionals have a place where they can meet with their coworkers and get the water they need to remain hydrated throughout the day. Bottleless water coolers help complete the breakroom, as these machines provide people with easy access to refreshing and superior tasting water, which can drive workplace productivity.

The experts at Quench can assist business owners in creating unique breakrooms that house top-of-the-line water coolers. Trained technicians can install the coolers in under an hour, so office managers are able to construct a superior space quickly and give their workers immediate access to a place to call their own.