Does your business still rely on a drinking water delivery service?

Time to think again! Quench filtered water coolers are the cleaner, greener, less expensive alternative to traditional water delivery in 5-gallon jugs.  Let us show you an alternative to water bottle delivery.

Filtered Water is Cleaner, Healthier Water

The traditional jug water coolers provided by drinking water delivery services are “open” systems, meaning that dangerous bacteria and other microbes can make their way into the water.  And they need to be disinfected every three months. When was your 5 gallon water cooler last cleaned?

A Quench filtered water cooler is a miniature water purification plant, meaning that the good stuff (like minerals and fluoride) stays in, and the bad stuff (like chlorine, phosphates, lead and bacteria) comes out.  Quench water coolers offer a state-of-the-art combination of filtration, sanitization and purification technologies to guarantee that you have the cleanest and healthiest water.
Unlike bottled water delivery, Quench filtered water coolers deliver fresh, great-tasting filtered water to your glass on demand. And your drinking water doesn’t have to spend months stored in a plastic jug, ultimately exposing you to unhealthy BPA’s.

Quench is the Greener Solution that Let’s You Keep More Green
Delivery of water in 5-gallon plastic jugs is not only wasteful and expensive, but it squanders the planet’s resources. In just one year, the manufacturing of plastic jugs, bottling process, and water delivery

Eats up 140 million kilowatt hours of electricity
Burns 6 million gallons of fossil fuel
Dumps 70 million pounds of plastic waste into landfills
Wastes millions of gallons of water

Quench filtered water coolers, on the other hand, have a positive environmental impact.  Replacing just one traditional 5-gallon jug cooler prevents up to 300 plastic water bottles from entering landfills each year.
You’ll save money versus traditional water delivery services, too.  Quench customers typically save 20% to 50% over their previous drinking water delivery costs. Quench is the greener solution that lets you keep more green!

Use our water cost calculator and see how much your company can save by switching to a Quench filtered water cooler. Better yet, speak to a Quench Water Expert standing by at 888-877-0561 to show you a better alternative to drinking water delivery.
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