Who We Serve

Our water filtration systems and ice dispensers are ideal for just about any application.  From schools with high usage to a hot warehouse, we have a Quench cooler that’s right for you.  Let us help you match your workplace to the perfect Quench bottleless water coolers.

Choose an industry or setting below, or contact us to speak to a water expert.

Quench Filtered Water for Higher Education

Higher Education

Campuses are complicated: thirsty people, buildings of varied sizes and purposes, and “ban-the-bottle” movements. Only Quench has the product array to provide hydration stations, dining hall water and ice, and filtered water coolers for offices.

Quench Filtered Water for Healthcare


Hospitals, clinics, dental and doctor’s offices, and senior living facilities need an endless supply of clean water and ice for patients and staff. And Quench offers NSF-55A and -55B certified filters, chewable ice, and deionization systems.

Improve Hospitality with Quench Water Coolers


Welcome guests with great-tasting water, sparkling water, and ice. Quench has front- and back-of-house needs covered with sophisticated-looking water coolers for the lobby, business center, meeting rooms, or fitness center. Quench offers ice bins too!

Quench Filtered Water for Manufacturing/Warehouse & Distribution

Manufacturing / Warehouse & Distribution

Keep your hard-working crew in peak form with our highly-durable water and ice dispensers. Quench tackles the most complex installations: 50-foot ceilings, miles of tubing, and cavernous spaces are no problem, nor is water and ice for hundreds of co-workers.

Water Coolers for Professional Work Environments

Professional Services

In business, presentation is critical. Quench has an array of sophisticated-looking water coolers, sparkling water dispensers, and ice machines to enhance the lobby, boardroom, or lunch room. Welcome clients with ice-cold water, hot beverages, even sparkling water.

Quench Filtered Water for Food Service

Food Service

Offer your guests their choice of fresh, filtered still water or refreshing sparkling water. Quench offers a selection of space-saving countertop and under-counter systems, as well as ice machines, specially designed for the high-capacity needs of busy food service operations.

Quench Filtered Water for Retail Stores


Many of the world’s largest retailers rely on us, because Quench has the product array, knowledge of local water conditions, installation expertise, and dedicated national service operation to meet their drinking water needs on and off the selling floor.

Quench Filtered Water for Gyms, Physical Therapy Centers, Exercise Studios


Gyms need lots of clean, cold water. Quench has the product selection and features gyms need, including hydration stations, large dispensing areas for refilling sport bottles, recessed spigots, and anti-microbial protection to ensure sanitary dispensing.

Quench Filtered Water for Salons & Spas

Spas & Salons

Appearances matter, especially in spas and salons. Quench has an array of sleek, sophisticated water coolers and ice dispensers offering state-of-the-art purification technologies and sanitary dispensing features to ensure the cleanest drinking water.

Quench Filtered Water for Government Agencies


Quench works with government agencies at all levels: post offices, police and fire stations, school districts, NYC’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, and the U.S. House of Representatives rely on Quench for great-tasting water and ice.