Comprehensive Service

Quench has a dedicated customer service team standing behind every water cooler and ice dispenser we install. A well-trained, friendly human being is at the other end of the phone to answer questions, solve a problem, or arrange a prompt service call.

Our Coolers are High-Tech, So Are Our Technicians

Quench field technicians undergo rigorous training at our own “Quench University,” and are certified and insured. They understand the state-of-the-art water purification technologies used in each of our products and what it takes to keep them operating in peak form. Best of all, regular maintenance and service calls are free of charge.

Quench installs thousands of coolers each year in a variety of settings – board rooms and break rooms, classrooms and labs, warehouse stores and medical offices, gyms and spas. Our technicians are trained to handle even the most challenging installations without disrupting decor or the course of business, usually in less than an hour!

Only Quench offers comprehensive service coast-to-coast and performed by one of our 160+ Quench-badged service technicians.

Comprehensive Service with Quench

Quench coolers have exceeded our expectations. Our service technician who did the installation was wonderful, quiet, and efficient.”

— Ann Yates, St. Vincent’s Hospital